About Us

After years of executive positions in Medical Recruiting and with acquisitions and changes in the industry, Blake Nations found himself looking for a job and turning fifty around the same time. With the combination of experience and age it suddenly became a detriment in his job search. Blake was required to look at entry level recruiting positions and starting over again. Needless to say, it included a decrease in pay. After the recession of 2007 the world changed in the job market for many. Companies were no longer paying new hires at the same level they once did. Blake had to accept an entry level position in a medical recruiting firm and the base pay was so low he took a part-time position in a grocery store while he built up his commissions.

Over50JobBoard.com has been started because Blake feels the pain and struggle that many people in this age group are feeling. He wants to do something to help other “Baby Boomers” to make it financially at a time when they have good health and are productive employees. Some people “over 50” work because they need the income, others because they are not ready to stay home. Blake’s vision for Over50JobBoard.com is to help this age group regardless of one’s motivation.

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Over50JobBoard.com list thousands of jobs for those over 50.

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